Red Carpet Styling

With media culture constantly bringing us a barrage of images from the red-carpet and runway it's inevitable that, we, the hairdressers, are charged with recreating the star worthy styles. This class looks to the best of the best starlets and fashion shows for inspiration, breaking down and rebuilding the styles that made their walk the one to remember and culminating in a professional photo shoot for each hairdresser's finished style. 

A model will be provided to each student for hands-on work.

This Class Is For

Stylists of all levels who posses fundamental styling techniques and are looking to challenge themselves, their craft, and their eye. 

What You Can Expect

ION Studio's education team will discuss and demonstrate a variety of techniques used to achieve the final look. Each hairdresser will work on a agency-signed New York model and have the opportunity to document their final look with a professional photographer at our in-salon studio. 

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June 9, 2019
October 14, 2019