Product of the Week: Looking for the perfect summer helper? MOMO Potion by Davines is it!

Momo Hair Potion is a great beach/pool weekend product. It's light enough to leave in your hair to air dry and helps moisturizer extra dry hair. The ocean and pool can run havoc on your hair and this is a good one for double dippers to put in their hair while they are baking in the sun. 

Ideal for all types of hair requiring hydration. Its leave-on formula is characterized by a silky texture and is designed to deeply hydrate all the hair requiring it. It does not weigh down the hair. It gives hydration, leaving the hair soft and shiny. The scent that characterizes the MOMO family has a fruity and green note.


*hair by Marco Santini (Camille Rowe for S Moda) & Leonardo Manetti (Jessica Hart for Foam Magazine, Miranda Kerr for Net-A-Porter)

EDUCATION: Class 'Shaping our Future' with Leonardo and Marco! 

Shaping our Future Class, March 2016!

LOOK #1 by Leonardo Manetti:  

Leo set the whole head with a figure eight setting on big hairpins. He sprayed the Medium hold hair spray all over each section (about 1 square inch of hair) and then wrapped it on the pins. After wrapping it, he flat ironed the product in to the hair that was wrapped on the pin. Once dried and cooled, he took the pins out to create the kinky curl you see in reference.

From there he pinned the back up and out of the way, eventually taking panels of this crinkled texture and laying it over the twist in the back. He used a deep part in the front to extenuate the tall “behive-ish” shape. By separating the set, we really got to explore creating a vertical shape that incorporates texture.

LOOK #2 by Marco Santini: 

It is Marco's take on a modern beehive. He prepped the hair with the Volume mousse and blow dried it smooth. After it was dry he sectioned out the crown and pinned it away. He then took one inch strip sections from crown section the hairline and teased each panel lightly. After doing around the whole head and teasing each panel, he took the crown section out, teased it, rolled it down and used it for a base for the beehive. He wrapped each section around the head, slightly separating the teasing to get an airy feel for the beehive. Tip: if your teasing is done correctly, you don’t need to use a lot of pins. Marco used maybe 4 pins total.It’s all in the prep work.

Leonardo Manetti for 10 Years of Vs. Magazine with Sasha Luss! 

Celebrating 10 years of Vs. Magazine!

Inspired by an Italian funeral, supermodel Sasha Luss poses in this melodramatic story captured by Hugh Lippe. Her sky-high bun turns into classic Lauren Bacall brushed out wave by our own Leonardo Manetti as Sasha turns from a grief-stricken mourner to a smoking hot diva.

Styling Isabel Dupre, Make-up Daniel Martin

Marco Santini for Vanity Fair Italia!

New Story in Vanity Fair Italia! Mismatch perfection & hair up in variations styled by our own Marco Santini. Photo Kelly Klein, Styling Sciascia Gambaccini.

EDUCATION: Class 'Transformations, from LONG to SHORT' with Marco Santini!

'Transformations, from LONG to SHORT', March 2016! Stunning styles created by our own Marco Santini.

LOOK #1: 

Marco prepped the hair with Volume mousse and then curled 1 square inch sections all the way around the head.After curling everything with an inch curling iron, he used his tail comb to to tease the sections down into little flowers all over the head to finish the look he used string, wrapped around her head to accentuate the shape he wanted. His reference was a 1930s razor bob.  
Tip: it’s important to watch your tension when teasing. Pay attention to the curl patterns and use soft hands

Look #2:  

This is another long to short look. Marco sectioned off the top (high recessions to the crown, in a triangle), after blow drying smooth with Volume mousse.  He then pinned a classic French twist in the back, mindful to keep the sides very flat. Then on top, he did a fish tail braid starting in the front hairline. After completing the braid, he shoved it forward to make it separate and create a “hat “ shape. His reference for this was a pan am flight attendant from the 1960s. Tip: prep work makes the look. Be mindful of using enough product. You shouldn’t have to use a lot of pins to get a great style. Use your products as a tool and watch your work change.

Leonardo Manetti for DANSK Magazine! 

Beautiful model Ginta Lapina showcases Spring/Summer 2016 collections in Dansk Magazine S/S 2016. Posing for photographer Michael Schwartz, she sports an amazing array of hairstyles crafted by our own Leonardo Manetti; low bun undone, petite braid, casual textures and ornate floral accessories. Her earthy-toned makeup artistry by Aminata Gueye.