Olivia Palermo sports Edgy Braids by Marco Santini!

It’s hard to pull off a braided hairstyle and not end up appearing too cutesy but leave it to Olivia’s creativity and the skill of one of her hairstylist’s, Marco Santini, to create a look that has some significant rock n roll edge to it. Our favorite part? Olivia wore this look out to a black tie affair in New York City, pairing it with an ethereal Dennis Basso robe which brought the whole look into a perfect harmony of hard and soft. Read on to see how you can replicate the look.

"We started off with French braids on both sides of her head. starting at the front of the hairline, working our way down and finally wrapping behind the ear and closing with clear elastics (Olivia’s hair was dry when we started). Next, I blow dried the top middle portion of the hair starting at the crown and utilizing Davines Volume Spray, I moved from front to back with a medium round brush to create a smooth panel of hair that was pushed off of the face. To make sure the hair stayed secure in the style we created, I took one end of a thin transparent thread and secured it to a long bobby pin which I think threaded through the center back of the hair (like a thread and needle) and finished with a light hairspray." - Marco Santini

*text from OliviaPalermo.com by Jillian Magenheim

EDITORIAL: Costumes of Culture by Marco Santini and Leonardo Manetti!

For the DAVINES WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR 2016 Leonardo Manetti and Marco Santini took the audience across the universe, exploring the concept Costumes of Culture, presenting 5 astonishing looks from Renaissance Virgin Mary, Hindi Goddess and Geisha to Modern Eclectic and Cyber Punk. Here are the stunning studio takes by Matt Licari and a bit about the inspiration that was behind this phenomenal artistry. 

Renaissance Virgin MaryFor women to be accepted and portrayed as powerful, they needed to convince the masses that they would not use their beauty and sexuality to gain more power. In order to be accepted by the communities of movers and shakers, they had to exhibit utter dedication to God. Being painted as religious helped them to achieve that. Marco's take on the Virgin Mary with a textured halo of 'hair'-light that surrounds her could not be more alluring.

Hindi Goddess: In Hinduism, all power, Shakti, is female. Shakti is the fundamental strength of the feminine that infuses all life. Shakti is the divine feminine power that can found in everything.“She” is the Goddess. The Goddess Leo and Marco created is just that - feminine, mysterious and divine. 

Geisha: Diving into the unique world of women who ruled the city of Kyoto, Geishas love for art, dance, high end entertainment and flirt earned them a very special place in the society. They broke all the boundaries and perceptions that women must be submissive and obedient. Modern Age Geisha was definitely a look to potray. 

Cyber Punk: Science fiction, including cyberpunk, examines the effect of technology on humans. Women portrayed in Cyber Punk novels, graphic arts and movies are treated as equals to men, and are heroines of their stories. Leonardo and Marco went for a hand sculpted cut in soft pink hues. 

Eclectic ModernFight for female equality, refuse sexism, desire control over their bodies and decisions they make. The dress and the styling is their expression of power, strength and femininity. Leo's and Marco's eclectic beauty embodies just that.


We're bringing you straight to the DAVINES WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR 2016 that took place in The Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles. Our educators & Master Stylists Leonardo Manetti and Marco Santini shined on the stage, as they crafted some unbelievable hairstyles for the 1500 person audience. Their theme Costumes of Culture takes us on an unexpected journey; from Renaissance Virgin Mary, Hindi Goddess and Geisha to Modern Eclectic and Cyber Punk. Their expressive artwork in hair and the evolution of styles is truly a unique and extraordinary experience.

*Photos by Davine

DAVINES WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR 2016: Behind the Scenes with Marco Santini & Leonardo Manetti!

Los Angeles: DAVINES WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR 2016 just took place. LIVE show featuring amazing hair and Davines ethos combined, our Marco Santini and Leonardo Manetti brought their craftsmanship to the table, showcasing some incredible hair creations. They took the concept of costumes + culture and expressed their take through hair. Various textures paired with materials and objects.. the results will blow you away! Stay tuned.. 

Here's an exclusive Behind The Scenes photo report lensed by Matt Licari.