Tip of the Week: Make your blowout last longer by Tim Nolan!

Good hair, all day, every day. It’s what a girl wants, right? How can you make your salon or at-home blowouts last for days?

Here’s few little secrets from our Stylist Tim Nolan.

1. Make sure the hair is super clean, after 2 shampoos. Don’t forget to do a cool rinse at the end, a hot wash will start the oil glands producing.
2. Use minimal conditioner, mainly on the ends.
3.  Make sure the hair is blown completely dry to avoid hair curling up or the frizz creeping back in when you step outside.
4. Use dry shampoo for the next day to avoid having to wash your hair. This water-free miracle will help you refresh and restyle your hair. 
5. If your hair is long, pull it up into a a very loose bun or top-knot to sleep to avoid unnecessary matting of the hair. This will help your blowout maintain its volume and balance.
6. You can freshen up your curly hair by randomly picking pieces and use a curling iron on them to re-define any unruly curls.


Tip of the Week: A natural beach look you must try!

For a natural beach look, spray Davines Sea Salt Primer section by section for an even application. Twist the hair into a bun. Let the hair dry in a bun for a an hour or if time allows overnight. Take the hair down and run your fingers through it giving it an instant tropical look and feel.

Tip of the Week for Guys: Easy way to combat thin hair!

While choosing a styling product consider not only the look you want to achieve but more importantly your hair texture. If you hair is thin, it’s best to avoid all wax, cream and gel based products. Those will be too heavy and they tend to make thin hair look even thinner. Davines Salt Spray is the perfect product for thin hair. Its formulas have been created to give your hair body, texture and well-defined shape without the addition of resins. This spray will help you achieve an effortless hairstyle with making your hair look overall fuller.  

How to use: Spray into wet hair before styling to give it body. Spray into dry hair to increase volume and add the mat effect. Depending on your hair density, length and desired effect, apply between 3g-5g of the product.

Tip of the Week: 4 Steps to Growing Out a Summer Buzz Cut by Tim Nolan

You said to hell with your hair over the summer and chopped it off, but now want some length back as temperatures begin to dip. No sweat—the process of growing out a super short cut isn't as painful as you think. Just follow these styling rules so you don't end up with a cauliflower. 

1. Keep visiting your Stylist Trimming and shaping is necessary at this point, so you don’t end up with a bird’s nest on your head. Keep going every 4-6weeks to remove the bulk and keep you neck line and temple areas clean. 

2. Stay Hydrated Longer hair needs more moisture to avoid poofing out. Since shampoo strips your strands of natural oils, try washing it only twice a week, and if you have thick or coarse hair, apply conditioner. 

3. Find Your Part Forgotten which side of your head to part your hair on? Do this test: Wet your hair, brush it towards your face, and wait a few seconds to see where it naturally separates. If hair falls to the left and you think it looks better on the right, you can force the issue without looking shellacked by using a high-hold, low shine pomade.

4. Pick a Style Once you've grown a few inches of hair your can start playing with different looks. Take a peak at the runways for inspiration. Check out our GUYS Mood Board.

Tip of the Week: Get better bedhead by Mariano Franzese!

Knots can lead to splitting and breakage, which may explain why your hair seems to stop growing at a certain point. To avoid tangles and help each strand reach its full potential, Mariano recommends tying up hair before bed. Flop your hair forward and gather it as though it's a pineapple on top of your head. When we sleep, we roll around so much, but a nighttime updo puts your hair to rest.

Product of the Week: Looking for the perfect summer helper? MOMO Potion by Davines is it!

Momo Hair Potion is a great beach/pool weekend product. It's light enough to leave in your hair to air dry and helps moisturizer extra dry hair. The ocean and pool can run havoc on your hair and this is a good one for double dippers to put in their hair while they are baking in the sun. 

Ideal for all types of hair requiring hydration. Its leave-on formula is characterized by a silky texture and is designed to deeply hydrate all the hair requiring it. It does not weigh down the hair. It gives hydration, leaving the hair soft and shiny. The scent that characterizes the MOMO family has a fruity and green note.


*hair by Marco Santini (Camille Rowe for S Moda) & Leonardo Manetti (Jessica Hart for Foam Magazine, Miranda Kerr for Net-A-Porter)