Tip of the Week: New season & keeping your tresses super FRESH! 

How to keep your long hair looking fresh? 

Leonardo Manetti suggests: Get regular trims and keep your color fresh.
Frequent Blow drys can wreck havoc on your hair. Some business models try to pump out blow drys as quickly as possible, which at times cannot be the best option for your hair. We, as a salon, are most concerned with keeping the integrity of your hair with high-end products and the appropriate amount of heat. It is important to keep the ends fresh every 8 weeks with a trim. For color or gloss refresh every 6-8 weeks.

DONE & UNDONE LOOK at HOME In Francis’s look, we wanted to portray a done undone look. Stretching your washing schedule can help a lot. We use the Hair Refresher to skip a day or two of harsh shampoos. In this look we used the Volu Mousse and lifted the roots as we blowdry.

One of the easiest things you can do to make your hair look fuller is pay a attention to the roots while blow drying. You want to lift them off the scalp to achieve volume and movement. You can either flip your head over and pull your hair towards the floor while blow drying or lift it towards the ceiling with head in a normal position.  You want to get the air flowing down the hair shaft starting at the root.This makes a huge difference.

For the undone look, use a big curling iron but leave the ends a little straighter, it is a more modern take on big sexy hair. After curling rake fingers through the hair or brush out. Never leave the curls in without finishing them. This makes them last longer and they will look more natural if you brush them out after setting.

Some other great products we can recommend: Minu Shampoo and Conditioner to protect color from heat styling and daily ware.

Leonardo Manetti for Glamour Germany!

When GEEKS are CHIC! New story in GLAMOUR Germany is OUT! Model Ashley Smith channels her geeky self while our own Leonardo Manettiis the master behind her tresses! Photo: David Shama / Styling: Ye Young Kim