Tip of the Week: Make your blowout last longer by Tim Nolan!

Good hair, all day, every day. It’s what a girl wants, right? How can you make your salon or at-home blowouts last for days?

Here’s few little secrets from our Stylist Tim Nolan.

1. Make sure the hair is super clean, after 2 shampoos. Don’t forget to do a cool rinse at the end, a hot wash will start the oil glands producing.
2. Use minimal conditioner, mainly on the ends.
3.  Make sure the hair is blown completely dry to avoid hair curling up or the frizz creeping back in when you step outside.
4. Use dry shampoo for the next day to avoid having to wash your hair. This water-free miracle will help you refresh and restyle your hair. 
5. If your hair is long, pull it up into a a very loose bun or top-knot to sleep to avoid unnecessary matting of the hair. This will help your blowout maintain its volume and balance.
6. You can freshen up your curly hair by randomly picking pieces and use a curling iron on them to re-define any unruly curls.