EDUCATION: Class 'Shaping our Future' with Leonardo and Marco! 

Shaping our Future Class, March 2016!

LOOK #1 by Leonardo Manetti:  

Leo set the whole head with a figure eight setting on big hairpins. He sprayed the Medium hold hair spray all over each section (about 1 square inch of hair) and then wrapped it on the pins. After wrapping it, he flat ironed the product in to the hair that was wrapped on the pin. Once dried and cooled, he took the pins out to create the kinky curl you see in reference.

From there he pinned the back up and out of the way, eventually taking panels of this crinkled texture and laying it over the twist in the back. He used a deep part in the front to extenuate the tall “behive-ish” shape. By separating the set, we really got to explore creating a vertical shape that incorporates texture.

LOOK #2 by Marco Santini: 

It is Marco's take on a modern beehive. He prepped the hair with the Volume mousse and blow dried it smooth. After it was dry he sectioned out the crown and pinned it away. He then took one inch strip sections from crown section the hairline and teased each panel lightly. After doing around the whole head and teasing each panel, he took the crown section out, teased it, rolled it down and used it for a base for the beehive. He wrapped each section around the head, slightly separating the teasing to get an airy feel for the beehive. Tip: if your teasing is done correctly, you don’t need to use a lot of pins. Marco used maybe 4 pins total.It’s all in the prep work.

Adam Lippes Fall 2016 Lookbook & hair by Marco Santini! 

A stunning collection of images is Adam Lippe's FALL 2016 LOOKBOOK! Luxurious looks accompanied by luxurious hair, set with Davines Invisible No Gas Spray and iron, our own Marco Santini created an array of light waves, that feel all retro and modern at the same time. Photographed by Yelena Yemchuk, this lookbook is like a dream! 

Samira Nasr - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Maki H - Makeup Artist
Anka Kuryndina - Model
Stasha Yatchuk - Model

"There will come a day when Adam Lippes’s brand is too big for the presentation he puts on in his beautifully appointed Washington Square home. That will be too bad. Architecture and—especially—interiors are so central to his aesthetic. This morning, he mentioned the British architect Edwin Luytens and designer Gertrude Jekyll, who were known for building and modernizing English estates at the turn of the last century. “What they did still looks modern today,” he said. That’s Lippes’s own trick; he makes luxe clothes that feel of the moment without succumbing to fickle trends." keep on reading on (By Nicole Phelps)

BEST HAIR at NYFW? Olivia Palermo by Marco Santini on HARPER'S! 

Harper's Bazaar is talking Olivia Pelermo's hair at the front row of NYFW 2016 - undone chic, downtown cool, uptown polished - all my our own Marco Santini!

"Spring 2016 was the season of slip-dressing, Gucci's full-fledged revival, electric blue eyes and natural texture. It was also, perhaps most importantly, the season Olivia Palermo decided to deprive us of off-the-runway inspiration by taking a fashion week hiatus. Where she went and what she did, nobody knows (somebody probably knows), all that matters is she's back for Fall and I can't even be mad at her for disappearing because my god, have you seen how good she looks?! It's raining, it's snowing, it's 55° one day and 3° the next and her perfect hair just yawns and says, "So?" And sure, access to a hairstylist Marco Santini of ION STUDIO NYC and door-to-door car service improves the odds of having a good hair day, but every other celebrity with those things still manages to misstep. Palermo does not. Undone chic, downtown cool, uptown polishedtechnically, she's never directly referenced backstage, but who are we kidding? Her hair is what we talk about when we talk about hair." - Harper's Bazaar, February 2016

Olivia Palermo sports Edgy Braids by Marco Santini!

It’s hard to pull off a braided hairstyle and not end up appearing too cutesy but leave it to Olivia’s creativity and the skill of one of her hairstylist’s, Marco Santini, to create a look that has some significant rock n roll edge to it. Our favorite part? Olivia wore this look out to a black tie affair in New York City, pairing it with an ethereal Dennis Basso robe which brought the whole look into a perfect harmony of hard and soft. Read on to see how you can replicate the look.

"We started off with French braids on both sides of her head. starting at the front of the hairline, working our way down and finally wrapping behind the ear and closing with clear elastics (Olivia’s hair was dry when we started). Next, I blow dried the top middle portion of the hair starting at the crown and utilizing Davines Volume Spray, I moved from front to back with a medium round brush to create a smooth panel of hair that was pushed off of the face. To make sure the hair stayed secure in the style we created, I took one end of a thin transparent thread and secured it to a long bobby pin which I think threaded through the center back of the hair (like a thread and needle) and finished with a light hairspray." - Marco Santini

*text from by Jillian Magenheim