HOW TO: Party Look that's Sleek & Chic

Dress up your hair for the NYE celebration or any upcoming party! Sleek and chic look that will compliment any dinner and/or party attire.


1. Blow-dry straight and flat iron the hair with the Volume Boosting Mousse (flat iron back).

2. Take a small section from the back of the ears to center to make a braid, on both sides. Use the Invisible No Gas Spray to keep it from slipping.

3. Pin the braids together under your hair.

4. Take a needle and a thread and stitch a piece through the braid and over the top to create a head band, and then through braid and over the back to keep the hair together. You could also use a ribbon or a shiny string. Your hair will stay put thanks to the products you have used in the process.