EDUCATION: Class 'Transformations, from LONG to SHORT' with Marco Santini!

'Transformations, from LONG to SHORT', March 2016! Stunning styles created by our own Marco Santini.

LOOK #1: 

Marco prepped the hair with Volume mousse and then curled 1 square inch sections all the way around the head.After curling everything with an inch curling iron, he used his tail comb to to tease the sections down into little flowers all over the head to finish the look he used string, wrapped around her head to accentuate the shape he wanted. His reference was a 1930s razor bob.  
Tip: it’s important to watch your tension when teasing. Pay attention to the curl patterns and use soft hands

Look #2:  

This is another long to short look. Marco sectioned off the top (high recessions to the crown, in a triangle), after blow drying smooth with Volume mousse.  He then pinned a classic French twist in the back, mindful to keep the sides very flat. Then on top, he did a fish tail braid starting in the front hairline. After completing the braid, he shoved it forward to make it separate and create a “hat “ shape. His reference for this was a pan am flight attendant from the 1960s. Tip: prep work makes the look. Be mindful of using enough product. You shouldn’t have to use a lot of pins to get a great style. Use your products as a tool and watch your work change.