EDUCATION: Class 'Shaping our Future' with Leonardo and Marco! 

Shaping our Future Class, March 2016!

LOOK #1 by Leonardo Manetti:  

Leo set the whole head with a figure eight setting on big hairpins. He sprayed the Medium hold hair spray all over each section (about 1 square inch of hair) and then wrapped it on the pins. After wrapping it, he flat ironed the product in to the hair that was wrapped on the pin. Once dried and cooled, he took the pins out to create the kinky curl you see in reference.

From there he pinned the back up and out of the way, eventually taking panels of this crinkled texture and laying it over the twist in the back. He used a deep part in the front to extenuate the tall “behive-ish” shape. By separating the set, we really got to explore creating a vertical shape that incorporates texture.

LOOK #2 by Marco Santini: 

It is Marco's take on a modern beehive. He prepped the hair with the Volume mousse and blow dried it smooth. After it was dry he sectioned out the crown and pinned it away. He then took one inch strip sections from crown section the hairline and teased each panel lightly. After doing around the whole head and teasing each panel, he took the crown section out, teased it, rolled it down and used it for a base for the beehive. He wrapped each section around the head, slightly separating the teasing to get an airy feel for the beehive. Tip: if your teasing is done correctly, you don’t need to use a lot of pins. Marco used maybe 4 pins total.It’s all in the prep work.