EDITORIAL: Costumes of Culture by Marco Santini and Leonardo Manetti!

For the DAVINES WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR 2016 Leonardo Manetti and Marco Santini took the audience across the universe, exploring the concept Costumes of Culture, presenting 5 astonishing looks from Renaissance Virgin Mary, Hindi Goddess and Geisha to Modern Eclectic and Cyber Punk. Here are the stunning studio takes by Matt Licari and a bit about the inspiration that was behind this phenomenal artistry. 

Renaissance Virgin MaryFor women to be accepted and portrayed as powerful, they needed to convince the masses that they would not use their beauty and sexuality to gain more power. In order to be accepted by the communities of movers and shakers, they had to exhibit utter dedication to God. Being painted as religious helped them to achieve that. Marco's take on the Virgin Mary with a textured halo of 'hair'-light that surrounds her could not be more alluring.

Hindi Goddess: In Hinduism, all power, Shakti, is female. Shakti is the fundamental strength of the feminine that infuses all life. Shakti is the divine feminine power that can found in everything.“She” is the Goddess. The Goddess Leo and Marco created is just that - feminine, mysterious and divine. 

Geisha: Diving into the unique world of women who ruled the city of Kyoto, Geishas love for art, dance, high end entertainment and flirt earned them a very special place in the society. They broke all the boundaries and perceptions that women must be submissive and obedient. Modern Age Geisha was definitely a look to potray. 

Cyber Punk: Science fiction, including cyberpunk, examines the effect of technology on humans. Women portrayed in Cyber Punk novels, graphic arts and movies are treated as equals to men, and are heroines of their stories. Leonardo and Marco went for a hand sculpted cut in soft pink hues. 

Eclectic ModernFight for female equality, refuse sexism, desire control over their bodies and decisions they make. The dress and the styling is their expression of power, strength and femininity. Leo's and Marco's eclectic beauty embodies just that.