Meg Ryan x Marco Santini for Downtown Magazine

On top of the world with Meg Ryan...

styled by Marco Santini for the April issue of Downtown Magazine.

Photographer: Udo Spreitzenbarth
Stylist: Nadia Rath
Makeup: Julia Harris

Marco Santini x Carrie Coon for Hollywood Reporter

'The Leftovers' and 'Fargo' star Carrie Coon in the Hollywood Reporter.

Hair by our Marco Santini.

Photographer: Meredith Jenks

Makeup: Rebecca Restrepo


From the Red Carpet: Jessica Stroup Styled by Marco Santini

Effortlessly stunning hair by Marco Santini on Jessica Stroup at the premiere of her Netflix series 'Iron Fist'.


From the Red Carpet: Camilla Belle styled by Leonardo Manetti!

Beautiful actress Camilla Belle sported gorgeously smooth and lustrous style during Ralph Lauren show at NYFW. Pure elegance created by our own Leonardo Manetti. 

David Marshek & his color skills featured as BEST COLOR IN NYC on IRMA'S WORLD!

"My first impression of that salon was: this could be a spaceship. And quite a ride it was — back to my natural hair color. The colorist David Marshek had the most soothing effect on me, and one advice he gave me was: treat your hair like your most expensive favorite cashmere sweater. I promised him, I will. He also said that UV protection for colored hair is really useful and offered by lots of brands. And as fas as choosing a color based on the season, his advice is simple: Go with what makes you happy. There are no rules for the seasons." - Zoe Warncke, Irma's World


Tip of the Week for the Curly: Winter Texture

Texture is not a bad thing. Typically we think of letting your curls do their thing in the summer. Why not in the winter too? Texture, curls and even a little fuzziness with winter fabrics scarves  and coats, looks fresh and interesting.

For very curly or kinky hair, wash your hair at night, add Curl Boosting Mousse and Oi Oil and set your hair with your fingers. Twist hair like a ribbon around one finger and let air dry, sleep on it and then shake out and pull curls apart in the morning before you start your day. Let your hair come alive and you be you.

Photographer: Matt Licari
Make Up: Angelica Singh